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Short M20 poles - £8 each

Short M20 poles to allow mounting of Orbit 4s above Orbit 3s, 35mm diameter, 120mm length.

K&M 24105 Speaker mounting fork - £50 each

Speaker mouting fork to allow mounting of 2 Orbit 4s side by side with optimum splay and tilt, rated for up to 2 x 25Kg.  Fork can be mounted on a 35mm speaker stand, onto our short 35mm poles, or onto any other 35mm speaker pole. 
More accessories coming soon...
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Orbit 4 Transport Bag - £35 each

Padded bag for protecting Orbit 4s in transport
Long M20 poles - £10 each / M20 pole mount sockets - £5 each

Adajustable M20 speaker poles for mounting Orbit 4s, can be supplied in any length upto 2M

M20 Pole mount sockets for making tilt / array boards for Orbit 4s.