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• 15" Ported horn bass cabinet

• Good response to 40Hz - great partner to the Orbit 4 but also suitable for use with a wide variety of mid high cabinets

• Excellent bass reproduction, carefully tuned to give the right balance of fast dynamic upper bass and warm round lower bass 

• Designed to be an all round one box bass solution

• Works well with single cabinets or in large arrays.

• Features 1000W 15" driver with high strength motor

• Optional upgrade to neo 15" driver from B&C

• Efficient design - high output capability with good bass extension for the size of the cabinet

• 2 Ergonomic round grab handles on the sides

• Bar handle on the top  

• Easy to handle, store and transport.

• 16 interlocking feet allow secure stable stacking of cabinets

• M20 Pole mounts for mounting mid high speakers above

• Port panels available in any RAL colour

• Birch plywood cabinet

Orbit 3s now £495 each!

Orbit 3 Neo (with B&C neo driver) - £555!

All Black and Black / Grey cabinets are currently available from stock!
Driver 15"
Power Handling 1000W A.E.S
Peak Power (6dB  Crest Factor) 4000W (A.E.S)
Sensitivity 1M/1W 101dB (4 cabinets 107dB)
Impedance 8 Ohms
Frequency range (+6dB / -10dB) 39Hz-160Hz
Recommended Crossover 38Hz-130Hz
Max SPL Output - Single Cabinet 160Hz
137dB cont / 143dB peak
Max SPL Output - Single Cabinet full range 131dB Cont / 137dB Peak
Max SPL Output - 4 Cabinets full range 143dB Cont / 149dB Peak
Construction Material Birch Plywood
Finish Textured Water Based Coating
Net weight 48 Kg  (44.5Kg with Neo 15)
Dimensions 496mm x 737mm x 600mm